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Speaker(s) Papers and Presentations

Sarah Holden and Peter Brady (Investment Company Institute)

“Projecting 401(k) Accumulations and Developing Replacement Rates.” EBRI/ICI 401(k) Accumulation Projection Model is summarized in the following papers.

Optimal Savings: Would We Know It If We Saw It? (DOC | PDF)

Karen Smith and Eric Toder (The Urban Institute)

“Estimating Pensions in MINT” (PPT)

James Poterba (MIT and NBER)
Steven Venti (Dartmouth College and NBER)
David A. Wise (Harvard University and NBER)

“New Estimates of the Future Path of 401(k) Assets” (DOC | PDF)

Christopher R. Cunningham (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)
Gary V. Engelhardt (Department of Economics and Center for Policy Research, Syracuse University)
Anil Kumar (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)

“Measuring Pension Wealth”